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Hi Diggy
You don't need to do anything to Insulated frog points other than add additional track feeds to sidings or loops etc so as any locos stabled in a siding can still be moved, have their lights turned on, sounds operated etc. In other words every rail of the layout should be DCC live regardless of the points blade position.
By adding additional feeds you wont get short circuits at the point blades, as the open blade is at the same polarity as the stock rails it adjacent too (This is the opposite when Live frog points are used and insulators are then very much needed).
However, and very occasionally, you may experience a short circuit as a metal wheel passes over the insulated frog and the wheel is able to touch momentarily both rails immediately before or after the frog, as these two rails will be at opposing polarities. Then its wise to install insulated joiners immediately after the frog on the ends of both Vee rails.

This is all covered on my web site here Points
and DCC items here DCC advice
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