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QUOTE (Diggy @ 16 Nov 2007, 22:48) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I am just about to lay down a layout of Peco Setrack Insulfrog Code 100.

I have some confusion with regard to the wiring, do I need to feed at each toe and isolate the two lines coming from that and then feed those two lines after the isolation break.

Or if I read the Peco catalogue correctly, the Insulfrog does this all for me and I only need to feed the track at regular intervals.

Some guidance would be very much appreciated

The point directs the frog power to the route that it is switched to, so if it is set to the left hand route only the right hand rail of the right hand route will have power on it. So you may decide that you need additional feeds. If you do then its advisible to put isolated joiners immediately after the point to prevent the possibility of shorts which will trip your DCC supply if a wheel touches the blade of the route which is not set ie if taking the right hand route a wheel on the right hand rail may touch the point blade for the left hand route. This possibility is I suspect more likely with Setrack points than Streamline of any code as they are pretty crude in their frog and check rail distances resulting in modern fine wheels stock often lurching through them
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