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Peco launch new track system

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It is not widely known that Peco have been working on a new track system for modellers of American railroads.

"83 Line" is a range of model track and turnouts for modellers of North American model railroads that incorporate all the features seen on the prototype. Reference was made to the A.R.E.A. (American Railway Engineering Association) drawings and all the latest N.M.R.A standards were adhered to, ensuring full compatibility with all currently available models. Plans for these new products were created using the very latest in CADCAM technology, resulting in a range of products produced to the very highest standard, as expected from PECO.

The key features to note are as follows:

• Choice of Insulfrog or Electrofrog turnouts, either system being entirely suitable for DCC-controlled layouts
• Over-centre spring for a positive throw, with a new and improved tie-bar
• Fine scale track spikes (rail fixings)
• Correct tie (sleeper) spacing
• Turnouts described by their frog angle (#5, #6, etc.)
• All-nickel silver rail parts, including the guard (check) rails
• Code 83 rail

The is also a new Inspection Pit kit available with code 83 rail to compliment this new range.

This range has been under development for a year, and should be arriving in your model shop or hobby store about now. It represents the pinnacle of model railway track standards to date and will be welcomed by modellers of North American railroads across the globe.

There is more information about this new track system at the Peco website below:-

Peco Model Railways

Happy modelling
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These look great. Those points (turnouts) look great compared to the ones I have (code100). Mine are not bad, but they are on the clunky side.
That track does look beautifull. Oh well it's too late to cry over spilled milk.
Will they ever produce RTR 21mm gauge track for us Irish modellers ??
No disrespect but I think that just a little unlikely!

Peco was always good.
As the years pass, it just continues to get better and better and I have nothing but admiration for this really excellent company.
Electro frog points and finer rail sections look SO much more realistic, needing only a smear of suitably coloured rust and grunge for an almost completely convincing appearance.
Wonderful stuff!
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Brilliant, well done PECO! It's good that they can serve the needs of what must be (?) their biggest market so well ... when can we expect some better looking, non-HO scale track for British railwys??! It's a maket crying out for some good quality product. I have used SMP track and hand made turnouts in the past but I'd really warm to, i.e. buy, ready made better looking track with PECO quality. Can't believe they haven't thought of it themselves over the years ...
I would imagine they have considered it very carefully and can only think they have decided that there isn't, in practice, a big enough market to warrant it.

After so many years of producing OO/HO track that is something of a compromise between the two, it could be thought that any changes to the familiar and well established 'look' that generations have become accustomed to, might actually be disadvantageous to sales of anything else, even though it could actually be more realistic! I have a feeling, personal of course, that the demand for something mre specific and 'different' is probably quite limited. Very strongly felt of course, by those who do want it but their numbers are perhaps not great enough to warrant a new line from Peco.
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