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I am looking for an ON-ON type switch to fit alongside my PECO PK-11 surface mounted points motors to provide feedback information as to when the points actually change. I have read in one Forum that someone has managed this by butchering a PK-13 switch, but that involves cutting holes in the baseboard, and is not ideal for track that is already fixed.

What I think will work is a simple on-on slider switch with a "peg" small enough to fit through the loop of the none-track side of the point motor. With the "underlay" base provided with the points motor, the height to the base of the loop looks about 5mm, so the switch box cant be more than this. Also it would be better if the connections were sideways to the switch to make wiring up easier.

So has anyone found such a switch?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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