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Peco points

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I've just watched a Youtube clip of rewiring Peco Electro-Frog points by hard wiring the non-moving inner parts of the point to the outer rails and cutting the tiny wires linking the frog to the inner rails so that all the inside track of the point is powered without relying on the contact with the outer track via the movable blade.

Does not wiring the frog from the accessory contacts on the point motor achieve the same effect?

This from someone half convinced that electricity is a figment of someones imagination!!
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With you, almost. If you supply the frog via the accessory contacts on the point motor does that not supply current from the frog down to and including the moving blade of the point, in addition to it being in contact with the stock rail?

Why would the mechanical switch blade be out of synch with the supply switch?

I do understand the problems with out of gauge wheels.

I do not understand electricity, your description is mind-boggling and someone must have worked it all out originally!!
I've just twigged. If you connect the closure or wing rail to the stock rails and isolate them from the frog or crossing you eliminate the possibility of a short if an out of gauge wheel touches the moving blade.
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No, I can't remember one either but then I haven't modelled for many years. It has been mentioned on here as a possible problem. I'm going to try modified and unmodified points and see if there's any difference. Thanks for the info
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