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Peco points

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I've just watched a Youtube clip of rewiring Peco Electro-Frog points by hard wiring the non-moving inner parts of the point to the outer rails and cutting the tiny wires linking the frog to the inner rails so that all the inside track of the point is powered without relying on the contact with the outer track via the movable blade.

Does not wiring the frog from the accessory contacts on the point motor achieve the same effect?

This from someone half convinced that electricity is a figment of someones imagination!!
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Best thing for you right now is to ignore the fancy stuff and simply wire the electrofrog up the easy way, because the polarity changes as the track direction changes you feed the point from the nose and insulate the two switched directions and thus beyond this need to ensure dropper feeds to carry on, easy to do and works quite well, not tried any unifrogs yet but it'll be soon when I do, in the meantime I remain with Code 100 and indeed have some OO9 points on that layout also electrofrog, after a time you do need to clean the rail to switch blade contact to ensure it all works smoothly and for sure its better than insulfrogs.
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I do not recall ever having a short on a Peco electrofrog point and I have quite a lot and run 8 loops at a time.
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