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Peco points

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I've just watched a Youtube clip of rewiring Peco Electro-Frog points by hard wiring the non-moving inner parts of the point to the outer rails and cutting the tiny wires linking the frog to the inner rails so that all the inside track of the point is powered without relying on the contact with the outer track via the movable blade.

Does not wiring the frog from the accessory contacts on the point motor achieve the same effect?

This from someone half convinced that electricity is a figment of someones imagination!!
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It used to be that the Switch Blade could be out of sync with the Frog with solenoid points as the set up could be slightly mis-aligned, so the Blade could be behind or in front of the polarity change. It is less likely in more modern, none solenoid Motors. Another reason for binding the Switch blade to the Running rail, is that it avoids the possibility that a wheel could cause a short between the two, where the Switch is bound to the Frog group. {Back to back too short, thicker wheel rims} Just safer all round to avoid the possibility.
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