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Peco PT61 lok Cradles

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Hi Everyone I know it is not quite international but I have just ordered some of the New Peco lok Cradles saw them before Christmas so I have ordered 4 doubles let see how they work out. Babs
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Good Afternoon Everyone The Peco Cradles came this morning courtesy of ( Arcadia Models) Oldham. I ordered yesterday afternoon and arrived first thing this morning first impressions were good they went together very well and easily. Although Plastic they are very sturdy and robust. Babs
Thanks Babs.
Strangely, the Peco website doesn't seem to know about them. Some discussion on RMWeb, but that got a bit complicated for my gnat-like attention span.
Here's a review of Peco PT-61. Looks good for all scales of two-rail.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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