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Peco series - Brancaster

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Hi there - brand new to Model Rail Forum..... and already looking for help!

Is the any kind sole out there who could tell me categorically which issues of Railway Modeller contained the 'Building Brancaster' project?, I have seen glimpses of the terminus in various of the Peco 'Shows you How' booklets, but try as I may I can't find out when the layout was featured.

With thanks in anticipation of any assistance the forum may provide....
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Welcome aboard,

what is the publication date of the "shows you how" booklet. That will give a clue to the date the articles appeared.


'fraid not John, there's no sign of a publication date on the Peco booklet - the only clues are that it was £0.75p and is the 'Intro to DCC', so obviously not too old.

Trouble is, I want to read the whole series of articles so need to buy the relevant issues of Railway Modeller.

Anyone know the issues for certain? - I'm guessing around 2-3 years ago?
If you get a copy of the modeller in the back they offer back issues through their technical advise bureau. If you got in touch with them they will probably be able to help. The series was about a year ago 2005 or 4 if I remember correctly
I think it was a bit longer ago than that (doesnt time fly at our age
) - am currently making enquiries
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I would write to Peco and ask. I think you'll be wasting your time with an email as their web site is maintained by a third party.
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From someone who ought to know:

Brancaster was serialised in the 'Railway Modelling Explored' pull out. As I remember, this ran from about 1999 to 2002. The Brancaster project was towards the end, so mags from 2001 should feature it.
'Brancaster' was in many ways Dave Howsam's 'Howley Town' reinvented, which was in was in RM around the spring/summer of 75.
I can confirm that this layout was featured in 'Chapter' (or perhaps Section) 9 of the 'Railway Modelling Explored' pull-out series. It takes up 16 pages and makes frequent reference to many of the preceeding sections. I regret I don't know exactly which issues it was published in, having pulled them out and put them in a binder.
I suggest you write to Peco Technical Advice Bureau, Beer, SEATON, Devon, EX12 3NA
Peco's phone number is 01297 21542, but I don't know if the Advice Bureau can be contacted by phone.

John Webb
Gentlemen, I thank you.

The incomming comments are spooky. Interestingly enough (well, I think so!), Pennine MC's input is absolutely spot on! - I have just completed the woodwork for a small portable layout, (because I've been meaning to for years), based upon Dave Howsham's Howley Road. Bizzarely I have kept the three issues in which Howley Road appeared for 30+ years knowing that one day I would build something like it, just for me!

My son has a layout (european HO), my daughter has a super detailed layout (German HOe), we all have a garage based OO Hornby tail chaser and the Howley Road project is mine!

More bizzare is the fact that I have the same feeling of 'one day' about Branncaster as I have had for years about Howley Road - so it's probably scheduled for me to build about 2021. Maybe It'll will all morph eventually into an end to end with central fiddle yard - Howley at one end, Brann at the other, and running the garden perimeter in the meantime?

My version of Howley Road will be similar to the orignal in most resects, other than it will be my first venture into DCC, something I believe was demo'd quite well on the Branncaster project - hence my interest in reading the article(s)

Gents, with thanks, I will give Peco a proper call tomorrow.
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