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Peco SL-14 Track Pins

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I'm having problems getting these pins through the sleepers on Streamline (code 100) track.
The instuctions supplied with the pins advises to grip the pins with a pair of fine pliers near the point, and push through the sleeper, no need to drill a hole. This seems impossible. I've also tried tapping the pin with a small hammer, but the pin always bends.

Has anyone had similar experiences with SL-14 pins, or am I missing something? Any help would be much appreciated.
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I use Peco set track, certainly the pre-drilled pin holes are much narrower than Hornby rail, making Hornby track pins liable to split the sleepers having Peco's pre-drilled holes. Peco's track pins being considerably thinner, are most liable to bend, as pre-drilled holes are a tight fit and also depending on type of material used for the base.
Personally, I secure down track and points with "blue or white tack -preferred", utilising space between sleepers at intervals of "six sleepers". Track layout has been down over two years now without showing any movement of setrack. Removal of track is easy with no damage to track and points that are easily cleaned by removal of the "white tack" leaving track in a new re-usable state. Re-usable is achieved by the fact that ballasting not practiced.
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