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Peco SL-14 Track Pins

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I'm having problems getting these pins through the sleepers on Streamline (code 100) track.
The instuctions supplied with the pins advises to grip the pins with a pair of fine pliers near the point, and push through the sleeper, no need to drill a hole. This seems impossible. I've also tried tapping the pin with a small hammer, but the pin always bends.

Has anyone had similar experiences with SL-14 pins, or am I missing something? Any help would be much appreciated.
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On getting pins through plastic sleepers: of all the methods I have tried, I am happiest using a hot pin of suitable size pressed through the sleeper to pre-form a hole for the actual track pin. You can, of course, heat the actual track pin as an option.

It's almost instant and very easy.
But you do need a handy, fast heat source to heat the pin with.
'Night lights', ordinary candles or a gas lighter are readily available. If a naked flame in the track room feels uncomfortable, another option is to pre-hole the sleepers, in bulk, in your kitchen. If you have aspirations to energy conservation, reserve this activity for when you are boiling the spuds or whatever.
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