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PECO SLE 99 3 Way Electrofrog Turnouts - Code 100

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Good Evening I am new to this way of communicating but here goes
I am building a OO Layout using Code 100. and would like advice on wiring the PECO SLE 99 Three way Electrofrog Turnouts for Manual operation - I originally sent this as a Blog (Not yet aware of how to use the system!!) I received one very helpful reply from David which I will attempt to digest. I would also like to know where the insulating breaks go. After about a Fifty year absence I am coming back into the fold. My layout is 12' x 8' and I will be having two of these 3 Way points in it leading to Storage Areas and Sidings. I am sticking to DC control.
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QUOTE I would also like to know where the insulating breaks go
I take the easy way out and insulate all 8 ends of the rails where they join to their neighbours. Then I feed the point as a single section in its own right. Since I use DCC, this isn't a problem for me. If I was using DC and section switches, I would join it to the section feeding the single incoming track.

A summary for DC with reference to the drawing below would be:

Insulate all rails at the top of the diagram.
Feed the power from the adjoining section at the bottom.


Here's the essence of my reply in the blogs section

If you look at the image in the gallery, there is text which provides more information - link

You do have to switch power to the frog. There is no way around if. You could use manual switches but I think the inconvenience would soon drive you to motorising this one point and it will require two motors.
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Thanks David - I will let you know how I get on and provide a Photo. Awaiting delivery of 50yds of Track together with 11 turnouts & a Double slip. The Construction of the Track beds, inclines & 10 Arch Viaduct is almost complete and the Track laying & Wiring is about to begin. I shall be using HM2000 controller with two HM2000 Slaves but as the Slaves use the same windings as the main controller the circuits they are serving will have to be isolated from the rest. Does anyone know if the HM2000 Slave units can be adapted to operate from a separate Transformer???
Regards - Tom
3 way point wiring both frog switching and if chosen solenoid point motor wiring is all shown on my web site about 1/3 way down the page. Both types of 3 way points are shown - Those with three factory fitted frog wires and those with two.
Four IRJs are needed as a minimum and usually they are fitted onto the ends of the rails that lead away from the frogs (Vee rails). The outer pair of rails technically do not need any IRJs, as they never change polarity and are always at the same polarity as the rails that feed into the point from the tip end. However there is no reason why they can't have IRJs if desired.
3 way point wiring
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