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One method of dealing with this problem is to drill small holes straight through both ends of the uncoupler and the baseboard. Then feed a loop of nylon fishing wire through both holes and over the uncoupler ramp. Then a choke cable pull arrangement can be used to pull the fishing line thus pulling the coupler down where it stays inactive. When the uncoupler is needed to function the choke pull is pressed in which allows the uncoupler to spring up and function. I got this method from a model rail magazine probably 30 years ago and used it until switching to KD's. It functioned very reliably for many years on several layouts. The first one is a fiddle to set up and then the rest take 15 mins each. One of the sources for the pull arrangement is K&S brass tubing which i presume is available in the UK. The tube can be tapped into an undersized hole in the baseboard side and the solid rod can pass through it with enough friction to keep the uncoupler pulled down. I know a diagram would be worth a few hundred words but sorry I don t do diagrams
This way the uncouplers stay down except when you want one up.
regards Andrew
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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