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I'm looking for some advice on getting my Hornby DCC Pendolino lights working. I've chipped the front (motorised) unit with a TCS T1P-MH , and the rear unit with a Hornby (basic?) chip -thease are both installed using a standard 9-Pin plug.

The basic operation of the train works OK - (ie speed control, forward/backwards) - but I can't get either the white or red running lights to work - either to stay on permanently, or only illuminate when the train is moving (and then, red/white for the correct direction of travel)

I'm confident the lights do actually work - because in certain cases eg when the train derails etc - I have seen them briefly flash on - but I can't recreate this easily.

Programing CV's is something I'm new to - so far I am using out-of-the-box default values. The TCS decoder manual says to program "lighting control" via CV49 and/or 50 (labeled white wire / yellow wire) and I have tried writing values of 0, 16,32 (constanst bright light) into both of these CVs - with no effect.

I have not yet tried programming the Hornby chip. I am using a Hornby Elite.

Can anyone give me any tips.? Many thanks
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