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QUOTE Niel if you're going to buy more of these electrics you need to add at least one electrified line to your layout.

Yes, I will be adding an electrified line or two to my new layout. Since I made the decision to create a new layout I have stopped modifying my old one. I have a few electrics now and really need to sort out catenary for these. So that will happen in the future.

QUOTE OK, look now. It should be working. I found a nasty formatting tag that came through in the Word Document that Neil sent.

Sorry about that Doug but there seemed to be a problem when I sent it through on Outlook as with the previous three. I resorted to sending it as a word attachment in order to get it to you.

QUOTE I would assume you could retrofit a Lokosound decoder in the BLI model

I suppose your only problem there is sourcing original sound for a GG1 although Loksound must have it somewhere as they did the decoder for the Trix.
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