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Penny Lane

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I opened this article to discuss our clubs Exhibition layout and to find your opinions and to seek your advice on Entering the strange world of Exhibiting.
Here are some photos of the Layout in its current state.

The Track plan

Overall View

4F draws in with a good train while the GWR Railcar on the shuttle unit prepares to depart.

The Boards stood on their ends.

A suburban service

The 08 arrives to shunt the goods.

The 4F Departs on a passenger servive.

Nice and Tidy!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Penny Lane Station.

4F arrives with a goods.

Our new class 47 as repainted by David.

GWR railcar departs

Got this working properly again its now a good runner quite controllable to say its 20 years old.

The trapdoor to acsess the shuttle unit.

The trapdoor open.
Since these photos were taken we have finished ballasting the railway and have started creating the townscape on top of the tunnel.
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when's it going on the Exhibition circuit Ben ?.
QUOTE (Makemineadouble @ 21 Dec 2006, 18:43) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>when's it going on the Exhibition circuit Ben ?.
The Plan is for the Annual Bradford MRC exhibition in May, Following that we are being arranged to appear at an exhibition at the Middleton railway in July.
Sorry forgot to mention
The exhibitions are in 2007.
QUOTE A layout built and operated entirely by a group of students from Immanuel College in Bradford using their own rolling stock. The layout depicts a small suburban station in Liverpool, where the ends of two branch lines meet. Goods trains can be seen around the station, loading, unloading and being re-shunted by the resident shunting engine to carry on their journey down the other branch or on their return journeys. Regular suburban passenger trains can also be seen operating on both branches being handled by a variety of small steam engines, diesels and multiple units. A narrow gauge railway operates just outside the station taking passengers on a ride around the terraces and through the public park delivering house coal to the houses along its route.
And there is our Exhibition text describing the railway.
For Pictures of the layout under construction go onto our website at
I have no more recent pictures as we are restrained by school hours hence we cannot make any further progress as it stands.
Next update on the 3rd of January!
Been looking at your pics , looks like a nice neat job! Looking forward to seeing more . Keep up the good work
More Photos!.

Two Trains meet in the Station.

DMU in the Platform.

A 4F arrives on a goods train.

A crab prepares to depart on a local service.

9F on a local passenger.

Class 04 Idles with a couple of wagons.

Class 37 on a Local passenger.

Class 37 begins to depart while a 142 accelerates towards Toxteth.

Class 142 passes under the road bridge while a Class 37 departs into the tunnel.

Class 142 leaves for Toxteth.

Class 04 shunts wagons in the yard.

Class 37 runs rounds its train with a class 04 in the distance
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