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It's my 20th anniversary today and Mrs H gave me some cash to get a present (a loco of course). I've been buying most of the recent releases over the past few weeks so I was a bit stumped as to what to get. I did fancy an A2 but the green versions haven't arrived up here yet and I prefer to support small shops rather than buy using mail order. In the end I spotted an A1 renamed and renumbered from Meg Merilles to Archibald Sturrock in BR green in Pastimes Glasgow.

I was a little concerned about the A1's reliability problems when they first came out, but in the end I bought it and it runs faultlessy. I'm very pleased with it and will cherish it for a good number of years. If anybody is in doubt about the A1s I would say don't be, and go for one, it really is a beautiful engine.


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