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Peter in Lusaka

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Hi from Lusaka Zambia.

Joined this forum a few days ago but thought I would now say Hello.

Recognise a number of names from other forums and some new ones.

I returned to Model railways for the 4th time just over 3 years ago after an absence of 20+ years when my son was younger.

Living Overseas and frequent moves up until about 10 years ago for the previous 30 years made a model railway less practical. I have a 4m x 3m former sauna in the Garden for "00"Gauge tail chaser with higher level terminus. Have been building now for around 2 years. While it was operational for a while last year (before the terminus was included), I decided to go DCC (Digitrax) and have been making changes since. Hope to have all 9 locos chipped and running again by Easter, but said a similar thing in November about Christmas!

From being semi retired I am now virtually working full time which means less time for the railway.

As far as I am aware I am the only person with this hobby in Zambia, but if there is anyone else out there from this part of the world let me know.

Cheers for now

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A very warm welcome to you Peter from another ex-pat although this is H0 country.
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