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"....maybe I am the only one who thought the first Bachmann example looked OK."
I got one and i think it looks fine. but having said that i am really not up to speed with loco's of that period. i accept that a certain generation of modellers is far mor likely to notice problems with the 37 than notice the trouble hornby went to to make sure the 2 different variations of buffer beam could be accomodated on the A1! i think many of us are experts at our own little subject.

I am sitting here broadcasting a repeat of tony blairs apearence before the commons liason comittiee. I am loosing the will to live!

I think models at around £60 for a diesel and £80 for a steamer is about right. anything less than that is excellent value and anything more takes the fun out of it. it becomes a major purchase and not a bit if fun.

1 - 7 of 82 Posts
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