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QUOTE (ngaunt @ 30 Dec 2008, 14:22) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi,
I've just bought my first few cans of phoenix precision paints. Direct from the manufacturer so they are new. Now to me the colours don't look right at all. Not even close. I'd be interested to hear others' experiences, and whether you think they are accurate.

GWR coach cream - looks much too yellow, compared to all the RTR coaches I have. More like BR (custard&) cream
GWR Light stone - orange?
GWR dark stone - also looks far too light a brown. I know it was slightly reddish and "warm", but all photos I can find of real GWR buildings look much darker.

Any opinions appreciated


The only thing I can say is in regards to all types of paint in general. They very often dry out completely differant as to what they look like in the tin or on the card. Put a little on a piece of card & judge the colour when it is dry.
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