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QUOTE (TonyDaly @ 30 Dec 2008, 13:42) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The only thing I can say is in regards to all types of paint in general. They very often dry out completely differant as to what they look like in the tin or on the card. Put a little on a piece of card & judge the colour when it is dry.

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I agree with Tony ......... over the years acquiring paints as needed i now have built up a colour chip selector using inch square pieces of plasticard stuck onto plasticard sheets in a folder so at a glance i can see the dried out colour of any paints in my box.

A tip to stir paint well in tins is to add some metal BB's sold for airguns as soon as the paint is opened ..... as in a spray they agitate the paint well i use five to a tinlet.

Real pictures of buildings in GWR stone or in fact any colour bear in mind they are weathered and become darker ............... as in a stone garden ornament when you buy it looks out of place but after a while it blends in with the rest ...... even more so if you cover it in yoghurt i've been told by a gardener friend.
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