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Photo Editing

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I would like to do some photo editing, with some of my digital snaps of my loco's, adding steam/smoke and weathering effects. I remember seing an article on the Model Rail website about this, however their website has dissapeared recently following a change of publisher. Does anyone know of any similar articles that I could research, to help me with this?

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I too would like some help/advice on this topic, I'm enjoying editing my pics, but have no idea how to add smoke and steam
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You want to do something like this:

Take a look at this tutorial:

As well as the gradient mask, use a soft edge brush to add to the mask - in this case around the smoke stack. Eliminate any hard edge.

I also added a slight motion blur to the loco - in line with the direction of travel and a slight radial blur to the driving wheels.
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thats brill, unfortunatley I don't have photoshop, so I would be after something for my Mac, which i can get as a free download
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Gimp has quite a few of the features of Photoshop and is free (GNU).

Gimp for Mac:

Or Seashore: (Based on Gimp, but doesn't require X11)

Not sure if they can do this - they should have similar effects.

Find an old copy of Photoshop for the Mac. You don't always need the latest version. Some people will give old software away.

the easiest way to add smoke is to use the clouds filter in quick mask mode to produce a mask (usually reduced in size) and then a soft brush on its own layer to paint the smoke in. This layer can then be softened with the opacity to get a see through effect. I have linked to a few of mine.


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What scale do you use to get flush windows?What unit is that?
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