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If you are near a model shop with helpful staff, ask to see both the Hornby and Bachmann Pullman models as these have two of the best low friction arrangements for pick-up.

Bachmann use the split chassis principle, wheels live to their half axle, with a plastic insulating muff making the axle mechanically complete, with the pick up from thin metal plates riding on the axle ends. If you can find some split axle wheelsets this is a very efficient method.

Hornby use wheel live to axle one side, and a pick-up wioer bearing on the axle. Bridging the insulation one side of a metal wheel set, and fitting wipers to the bogie underside is a DIY option.

Alternatively, but with a higher drag penalty, nickel silver wire or bronze sheet wipers can be fabricated to bear on metal wheelbacks.

A couple of small self tapping screws is the easiest way to attach pick-up wipers to the bogie underside. Either screw on directly, or solder the wipers to a small piece of copperclad PCB, and attach that to the bogie.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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