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PICTURES - Hornby class 56 newly tooling

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My initial thought when seeing these images was they've used the old one and messed about with it for the website. Only when you see the old and new ones side by side (or in seperate windows) can you see the differences in more detail. I'd be more convinced with some proper photo's rather than a bit of CGI wizardry though. That's got to be one up for Bachmann as they usually have some pictures of work in progress.
Oooh, Those look very nice BUT that bogie looks very chunky still ...
I have my eye on the coal sector one.
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On the Hornby web site R2647 was going to be Large Logo but on the Pictures it's changed to rail freight grey!Do I have to wait until 2008 for a Large Logo Blue one now?
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Looks like a computer graphic of the body overlaid on the old chassis to me!
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Will these be out by Warley do you think or is it going to be early 2008 ?

I will certainly buy the romanian built one in blue and might even be tempted by the REX one even though that isn't my era
The bogies look odd, and I agree with PaulRhB that it looks like a CGI lash up. Not sure it really helps stoke up interest? Still, the final model will be superb if it's as good as the class 60.
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