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You need to hover over the picture you want to upload to here, then when the box below appears, slowley move the mouse to the bottom ser of character (starts with then left click to high light. Once its high lighted press control and c together to copy the code. Now go back to your new post and click into it. Now press control and v to paste. The code should appear. then just go about the post in the normal way and once the post is posted you'll see your photos.
Hope this helps

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Hi Frame69

I think a lot of people have a bit of trouble with posting Pictures

Part of the problem may be the end bit of the filename of your picture

Right Click on your picture (make sure it is the full sized version not thumbnail)

select - copy image location (for Firefox) or properties for explorer
Highlight the text and copy

the address should look something like -

Click on the Image button
and paste in the pictures address , make sure there is no letters after the .jpg
if there are delete them

Hope this helps

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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