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I know that there are four models of this signature German locomotive available, and ordinarily I would look to Roco. However, I have noticed that each successive Piko Hobby release seems better than the preceeding one, and the basic beginnings of the Taurus and BR218 have led on to some pretty decent models such as the G1700. However, I've yet to see the BR101 to form any judgements of it. As I have no local Piko dealer, I'm not likely to see one unless I take the plunge and buy one.

So, I guess I'm asking "what's it like?". Does it capture the upturned bathtub look of the prototype well? Are the mouldings crisp? I know what the mechs are like, having a Piko Taurus as my layout test loco (It came with a train set I bought for the contained dostos, so I'm not worried about it taking the odd knock) and generally I'd say the decoration is fairly good, so really it's the shell that's the unknown for me.

Thanks in anticipation

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