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Piko R1 turnout problems

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Hi, I'm building my first garden railway using LGB and Piko track. So far, the Loco can run for hours without fail, the only problem is that the Piko R1 turnouts
derail the rollingstock every time. When I ran the cars by hand and applied a little pressure, the cars didn't derail but still didn't run smoothly and obviously this is no solution. I just wondered if anyone has experienced similar problems and if anyone can offer any suggestions as to what may be the cause/solution.
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Hi there from another garden railway G/45mm'er.

I've not used any Piok track, but have used theLGB ones in the past without any problems (I only have 3 sets of points & they are all "Tenmille" which are no longer available).

I would examine the check rails - are they adjustable ? & then the "back to backs" of your wheelsets.

What rolling stock are you using ?
I wonder how much 'a little pressure' was becuase adding weight to rolling stock usually helps if you make the checks Brian suggests.
that they didn't de-rail but ran rough suggests Brian's measures are the first step. The roughness may come from the gap at the frog and short of getting better points I'm not sure what to suggest there. The extra weight should hold the wagon level and stop it dipping into the gap, or else having independantly sprung axle sets may help. [ so that the wheel passing over the frog gap can drop into it momentarilly without upsetting the steady travel of the wagon/car].
I guess I am fortunate to have never struck this problem in any gauge.
Just to clarify, I'm using the rollingstock from the LGB santa fe steam starter. A littie presure means quite a bit. And I can see, the cars are derailing because the ride up onto the track. It looks as if the tracks are too close togeather for the axels on the wheel carages.

EDIT:The cars run pirfectly on any track configureation that does not include points.
The set you are using probably has plastic wheelsets - for a start I would change them for metal ones.

Another problem I have found in the past is that the standard LGB couplings do not always excert a "centre pull" to the wagon/coach which cause problems - do you have the same problem if you gently push the train through the points ?

If you can go to the expense, change the wheelsets for the LGB ballbearing ones & add some weight to the rolling stock.

Hope this helps.
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