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Pioneers of Steam Photography in TCDD

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Being old enough to remember those magnificant days of the steamers I would like to pay a tribute, specially to two guys, who has given us and to the generations to come so much that neither TCDD nor any Turkish citizen has; a historical photographical voyage of the steamers which once roared the plains of Turkey.
Without their photos the new generation of steam enthusiasts would possibly have no idea what these magnificant machines were like.

One of them is Robin Lush, a Brit.
The other is Bastian Chlond a German, a.k.a "Karabük" .

Just look at the joy in the faces of Robin et al

Steam finished in Britain in 1968 and British photographers started to go abroad to chase the last remains of steam. First they moved to European soil, to Germany, Austria, France, Spain and Portugal. When steam had virtually died out also in those countries they looked further a field and found Turkey was reasonably accessible...........
..and there story continues ;

as for Bastian anyone interested his collection:

Its in German, but hey the pictures says it all

Thanks guys once again.

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Hi Erkut,

Put as a favourite, so I can have a slow browse through the wonderful array of topics!

Many thanks for posting the links,

Hi Erkut

Thanks for the links , I think I will be lost in those for a few hours


Some wondefull pictures there Erkut. I had to stop or I'll never get the car washed.

Charles Emerson
Looking at the cars, are they FIAT 124's?, It appears they took up rally driving as well. Some wonderful shots on there. thanks for the link.

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