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Placement of feeders to power bus

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I'm new to both DCC and these forums and have a question that I hope might be simple but it driving me insane: where do I add my feeders so that all tracks are powered without shorting out?

Here is my layout (thumbnail):
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From all the videos I've watched I want to add a power bus so that all my tracks, turnouts, and future lights, etc. can connect to it for both power and control. I'm concentrating on the track first (naturally) and I think I have understood correctly, but could really use some advice from experienced railway modelers.

In the image I posted, I've marked where I think I can add feeders, connecting using suitcase connectors to my power bus. Also, I plan to run my locos mostly clockwise, in case that makes a difference to where red and black wires go.

To cut the question short(er)... am I right, and will this work?
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Hi, How big is the layout ?
Your "feeders" look to be ok, as long as you keep the same polarity (red and black) on the same track (inside or outside) consistently around the layout all should be fine.
I say, around the layout, as, if this is a DCC system, I suggest you add several more droppers around the layout to ensure a good electrical and data flow.
Some people like to "feed" every piece of track individually, but in my experience, every couple of feet (60cm) or so is sufficient. Some get by on less without issues, its your call, but I would definitely say do more than one feed point per circuit.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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