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Placement of feeders to power bus

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I'm new to both DCC and these forums and have a question that I hope might be simple but it driving me insane: where do I add my feeders so that all tracks are powered without shorting out?

Here is my layout (thumbnail):
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From all the videos I've watched I want to add a power bus so that all my tracks, turnouts, and future lights, etc. can connect to it for both power and control. I'm concentrating on the track first (naturally) and I think I have understood correctly, but could really use some advice from experienced railway modelers.

In the image I posted, I've marked where I think I can add feeders, connecting using suitcase connectors to my power bus. Also, I plan to run my locos mostly clockwise, in case that makes a difference to where red and black wires go.

To cut the question short(er)... am I right, and will this work?
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Something not right there. 17.1 track volts seems high for a OO/HO layout, but what worries me more is that the voltage drops with an extra loco. What DCC system are you using and what power supply voltage do you have?
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