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John Hinton's website has information on a number of stations and also links to the Signalling Records Society which have even more. But these are signal box diagrams rather than scale drawings of the station, and therefore have their limitations.

The Middleton Press do an enormous range of books detailing the history of many parts of the British railway network. These books are mostly photographic,but include extracts from old OS maps showing the track layout etc at stations. Warmly recommended for the modeller.

There are also other publications detailing individual stations, particularly on the GWR, which can be found; a visit to your local library may throw up some of these. And most major railways have societies devoted to their history which can prove a fruitful source of information as well.

Best wishes for your efforts - I likewise returned to railway modelling several years ago after a gap of over 40 years!
John Webb
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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