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A former colleague, Eddie Lyons, has written two books covering Great Western Engine Sheds, published by OPC, and although out of print they regularly turn up on ebay and in second-hand lists at fairly reasonable prices. As Nikki has said there are several books devoted to station plans, certainly GWR, LMS and SR, as well as detailed surveys of lines like the S&DJR and the MSWJR, and there are more Aerofilms/Chris Leigh books as well. A very good source for a large proportion of the country is Alan Godfrey Maps. These are reproductions of large scale Ordnance Survey maps, usually from around 1910 and show incredible detail. Try this for the Wolverhampton area Within the catalogue section they try to identify which railway bits are included, which is a considerable boon, and they are only just over two pounds a go, which I think is good value.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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