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Plant machinery - toy to model

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Gadget Electronic device Gas Machine Cable

as bought
Rectangle Urban design Adaptation Art Landscape

Automotive tire Road surface Asphalt Tire Motor vehicle

Rectangle Electric blue Gas Gadget Cameras & optics

colours for starters
Motor vehicle Office supplies Automotive wheel system Machine Wood

Table Food storage containers Gas Tin Metal

aging process slap base colour before dry slap next layer so the mix at a uncontrollable rate
Tin Automotive tire Gas Drink Electric blue

window frames a bit thick but close enough
Motor vehicle Gas Serveware Machine Automotive tire
Automotive tire Toy Gas Tire Automotive wheel system

Toy Table Desk Motor vehicle Personal computer

green aging
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Hi Jaz,
Have a GWR version of one of these still in its box -
Automotive mirror Rectangle Automotive exterior Gas Bumper

Think will have a try at the approach you have detailed, as there’s a real significant difference from before to after for sure.
When get round to trying will post some pics too.
Thanks for the detailed step by step guide, Cheers Norm
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