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Tippex now comes with a little sponge to apply the white correction fluid, this can be used as a brush to apply the white line. Run it along the edge of the platform at an angle of about 45 degrees, if the white line goes on the platform face as well as the platform surface this is prototypical.

This is the way that real whitewash (not paint) was applied to platform edges to get the lines. Well almost, I never used a tippex sponge when working on Guide Bridge area, but a turks head brush is a bit too big for OO scale. If the line is not 100 percent even it is more realistic, the white lining was done by the station staff, between trains, using a turks head and a bucket of whitewash, for true realism you may wish to add a few splashes where they shouldn't be and a row of white drips on the ballast below the platform edge. Practice on a bit of scrap wood or plastic before applying on the layout, it is a lot easier to do than it is to describe though.

This is a quick daub on the edge of my tape measure as a demonstration.

Do not carry the white line down the slope at the platform end(s), I often see this on layouts and it spoils the effect. The white line should stop at the top of the ramp. Rubbing a grubby finger along the white line when the Tippex has dried will take the brilliant white effect off it and give a slightly weathered look. For a platform edge due for re-lining rub with fine sandpaper until most of the Tippex has been removed. The whitewashed platform edges needed re-lining on a regular basis.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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