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platform height

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I am just starting to put some thought to building ( ie scratchbuilding) the station platforms on my layout and wondered if someone could advise the correct vertical height from baseboard to the platform surface. I assume that the varying " 00 " scales could result in varying dimensions ...however my query is based on my use of Peco " Streamline" track and locos/ rolling stock comprising mainly Triang .
With Thanks.
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The height above baseboard depends on the way the track is fitted. If the track is laid on foam 'ballast' or a cork underlay the platform will need to be higher as well than if the track was directly laid on to the baseboard.
So the critical dimension is the height from rail-top to Platform top. This should be around 10 to 12mm - platform heights varied a lot on the prototype, so an exact match depends on what you are trying to model.

John Webb
The Peco SL-36 6ft way gauge is also a platform height gauge.
Hi Tiebar,

You might find this useful. It gives most of the standard dimensions for railway modelling in various gauges.

View attachment Scale_Loading_Gauges.pdf

The N Gauge line is highlighted because that's the scale I model in.

Hope it helps.



Thank you to all for most useful assistance .... and apols. to John, I neglected to mention that my track is fixed directly to the baseboard. It is clear that 12mm is the answer and construction can commence forthwith.
There is a lot of info. on that dimensional drawing Expat, and it will certainly be a great help.

Rather than start a new thread could I hijack this one a little.

What is an acceptable width for scratch built platforms? The off the shelf hornby items for instance seem a little too narrow.
QUOTE What is an acceptable width for scratch built platforms?

This was discussed some time ago. I wonder if I can find it ......

It was some time ago - follow this link and that thread has a link back even further.


Re: Platform height.

Assuming you want the passengers exiting the coaches at platform level ( more prototypical) just pull up one of your passenger coach (on rail+roadbed) and measure the distance from base door level to baseboard, thats your height then.

Thanks Expat for the PDF, just started building my own platforms too, most helpful! =)

EDIT= Just noticed date of last post, apologies for the threadomancy.
As I remember it it was at least 6ft clear to any obstruction ie lamp poles etc,, but they were generally much wider than this. So a double sided platform would be 12 ft minimum. Platforms this narrow were generally only encountered in confined city locations on minor stations. Hope this helps as a start point.

The narrowest platform I have been on is at Dawlish, Devon. Anyone else know of any?
My model platform is scale 8 or 9 foot for an Island platform which is narrow but is all the room I have.
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