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point controle using both the elite and select together

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Hi does any one know if the Select will change points if it is connected to the elite ,the select controls point from address 60 to 99 the elite does the same but it does them from 1 to 255 ,does this mean i have to reprogram my hornby point modules to 60 so they start at 60 for the elite so that the select will work ? I had so many problems programming the hornby point modules to the elite I'm scared to touch the bloody thing
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I would guess that's what your going to have to do.
I'm waiting for a reply from Hornby on this...asked that very question!
I dont have a Select or the Select-Walkabout(as mentioned in the Elite manual) at present, but it would be nice to know for future reference.

As the Select is only 2 digit addressing, I would say that you would have to program all the locos with 2 digit addresses using the Elite and set all your points from address 60.
Such a waste of the Elite's capabilities though!

I sent Hornby an Email suggesting that when they launch the 'Select-Walkabout' unit, that it should work with extended addressing and points control from address 1.
As the 'Select-Walkabout' has been mentioned in the Elite manual as an extra controller, then it should be able to work fully with the Elite.
If as most of us assume at the minute, the Select-Walkabout is just a Select without a power supply then it will work, but you would lose so much functionality, it wouldn't be worth it.

Like I say, I sent Hornby DCC customer services an Email stating all of this sometime ago, not had a response as yet.
Reading on another forum though, the Select-walkabout R8235 has been dropped from the Hornby range!!

It would be nice to believe my Email did something, but I'm sure they realised what would happen and the complaints they would get as it wouldn't have full functionality so they have dropped it or it maybe that they just dont see a market for it.

The question is, will it be launched later once it has full functionality with the Elite, or is that it gone forever?

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Had a reply from Hornby DCC customer services today.

He it is for your information.

Hello again,

Using the select as a "walkabout."

As you have concluded, the SELECT controller has limitations when used as walkabout for the ELITE.. the display etc on the SELECT controller is limited re the number of digits displayable for addresses. There is an issue in the selection of accessory/loco addressing numbers.. as the SELECT is fixed to the range 60-99 for accessories and 1-59 for locos, while the ELITE has a wider range of address numbers available for both types of decoder. Also the number ranges can overlap.

The "SELECT WALKABOUT" will be a device allowing full addressing capability. The SELECT WALKABOUT is not going to be available for "sometime." Unfortunately I have no product launch dates at this time.

If you need to source a walkabout device allowing full functionality you will have to consider other manufacturers devices... while they should operate as satisfactorily over the XpressNet connection, the feature set offered by these other devices may/may not be fully supported. There is no NMRA guidance as to the way XpressNet is utilised.

I am sorry I can't be offer more help re the above at this time...

HH DCC Support
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