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Point motor installation

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As I don't like making those huge holes in order to attach the motors direct to the points, I am using the Peco motors with the extended pins and adaptor plates which just require a small hole in the baseboard. I find it extremely difficult to get the exact alignment and holding it while screwing the adaptor plates in place.

One idea I have is to make up a temporary holding fixture which will permit adjustment of the motor but is able to hold it sufficiently tight to check the operation prior to fitting the final screws in place, this fixture would be used on each motor and adaptor in turn.

Has anyone got a better solution?

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I too had this problem and in the end had to resort to the large holes in the baseboard. It was my eyes, hands and back that defeated me in the end. I have fitted three more motors this last week and went straight for the holes. With a section of paper or card between hole and motor there isn't really a problem.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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