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Point motor switches

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just bought a load of point motors and i was going for a straight forward rocker switch (not DCC). is it best to use a rocker switch with a self return (to the centre, no power) or one that stays on.
just wondered will the point motor wear out if the power is going through it all the time with a rocker switch that stays on.

hope you understand what i'm getting at, hard to explain.

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If these are ordinary solenoid point motors such as the Peco ones then they MUST NOT have continuous current. They will burn out very quickly. They need only momentary current. You could use rocker switches which automatically return to centre non-conduction providing that you gave them only a quick flick either way. However, much better are what's called passing contact switches which do the same thing automatically.
sorry they are seep PM1's
ok, i'll have a look see if i can find any of them
The Seep are solenoid motors so covered by my previous comment. Peco, Hornby and maybe others do passing contact switches, some made to look a bit like levers in a signal box. They regularly appear on ebay. Bearing in mind postage charges, it's worth looking for someone selling several in one go.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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