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Hi simonathome
The three wires are.
1) From switch in the Normal position or Normal stud etc
2) From switch in the Reverse position or Reverse stud
3) Return to 16v ac
Note the Normal and reverse on switches are only momentary contacts making as the switches lever p[asses by and when fully over the switch gives no output.

On the Hornby motor try as dbcalss50 suggests, but if only one side moves when switch moved then swap the centre wire with one of the two outside positions. If nothing then, swap again the two outsides. Eventually the motor (assuming its ok to begin with?) will work with the switch. You can't do any serious damage the motor if the connections are reversed or wrong, it just wont work correctly or at all. However, using a switch that's not momentary will burn out the motors coil in no time!
My web site shows the connections from switches and probes.My Webpage
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