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Point motors

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I can lay track with the best of them but I have a mental block when it comes to installing point motors, above the baseboard

I find the Peco instructions baffling

Can someone tell me exactly what I need in the way of parts and how to go about the installation

Many thanks
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Come on guys

I need some help here
Hello David,

Assuming you intend to fit the motors ABOVE the board.. ie adjacent to the track, you will need some method of disguising /covering the peco motor unit up.. with some sort of scenic addition /or building.

By far the better way, is to mount the motors underneath the board.. I but assume you have eliminated this and concluded you wish to put them on the top.

All the basic information you will need is here : for any of the recommended ways of mounting points.

the Points info is around half way down the page.

Hope this helps


Steve B
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Thanks Busybee

You are a star

And yes: I have eliminated the possibility of mounting below the baseboard (don't ask)
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