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QUOTE (matthew47 @ 8 Apr 2008, 23:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I was thinking about investing in some point motors for my model railway, but I wasn't sure which ones either the hornby ones or the peco ones?
The hornby ones for me looked the easiest to set up and use but when I read about other people's layout they always say they have used the peco ones, so which do I use?
Could someone direct me in the right direction


***Hello Matthew
to keep it simple: The biggest difference between them is physical, not electrical - and each fits its own brand of points best.

So - if you have peco points, buy peco motors, if you have hornby, buy hornby - that way you will have no problem fitting point motor to point, and they will work better.

As your experience grows, by all means experiment - but for now, take the easy path!

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