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Point Motors

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Point motors are my frightener and always have been. They are big, noisy and power hungry, but most they are expensive. Not when buying one or two but when buying 30-40 or more and one doesn't even get to see them, under the board. If you want something simpler and neater on top the price doubles. There rarely seems to be more than a penny or two discount for quantity.

This is probably a stupid post but I have wracked my brain trying to find an alternative. I cannot believe that nobody has found an answer to one point one solenoid.
It is easy for one switch to operate many, but not the other way round. It spoils the cost estimate prepared for the wife, when one forgets to factor the solenoids in...

Has anybody come up with anything at all, other than finger pressure.

Yes; I know I am leaving myself open here.
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I know you dont want a manual system but maybe others do so I'll just throw in the Blue Point turnout controller .a US made product that provides manual control via push pull rod or a wire like a choke control (remember those) and includes a built in switch for the electrics .Attaches under the baseboard and gives a nice positive click when engaged .Very useful for Shinohara and Tillig track where no locking is built in.Works on most scales ,great for walk round layouts .
QUOTE (wiggy25 @ 9 Oct 2008, 15:16) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I've seen these before just couldn't remember what they were called or where they were!!

Thanks for the link!

I just think they're too expensive, for a manual point operation!

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More info HERE
I agree they are expensive I got mine as I am unlikely to build a large layout in terms of actual trackage so its not too bad .its an elegant solution to that kind of problem but not for a large mainline layout .I dont want to get involved in electric operated points .I got them to operate SMP points .
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