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point route indication

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Does someone know how i can wire up a route indication board without the use of point motors and LP13s ,the problem i have is i cant get under the base board to fit accessory switches or to fit wire in the rod (which i use on another section of my layout).Im running DCC so dont think i can take the power from the track by wiring the point blades?
Cos i will be standing near this section of the layout i am happy to do the hand of god but would really like route indication as it makes it so much easier on the eyeto run a layout especially when scenery is in place, as i say i use wire in the rod on the other side of the layout which is connected to slide switches that are wired to a route indication board and has its own power supply.
Can any thing be done
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What you're after is something like the Blue Point™ Manual Turnout Control. You could switch frog polarity and switch control panel lighting with it.

See here for details.
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I have wired up all points to leds, and they have been placed on a sheet of plasicard with the layout drawn on, it is the cheaper option. What DCC unit are you running? If it is hornby you will not be able to run points off of the unit, it will overheat and cut power to the tracks.
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