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Point switches and decouplers

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Dear All can anyone advice me on what "wire in pole" point switches are, I've read of them in "Railway Modeller" many times but haven't undestood the concept. Are they easy to build and what do you use. Are there items to buy or is it best to construct from home sourced materials?

Also I'm looking for a decoupling system that is electrically operated "electro magnets?" but not sure where to begin, again are there commercial systems available or do I have to self build. I am operating Hornby tension lock couplings and need a system that will work with these, if you can help I'd appreciate it.

Yours Mike
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Wire in pole, more commonly referred to as wire in tube I think, works like the brake cable on a bicycle. Not only does it allow you to pull a switch, it allows you to push one, as well as being able to work around corners. The technical term is Bowden Cable. Hope this helps.
Thanks Poliss, wire in tube sounds more like it! I always find the light at the end of the tunnel depends on which way you are facing, best wishes Mike
If you type "Mercontrol" into Google you should end up on the GEM website. Mercontrol is a "wire in tube" point control system. They will even sell you lever frames.

Dear Mike,

Gem usually advertise in the rear half of 'Railway Modeller'. The 'Wire in tube' system can also be used to operate uncouplers remotely as well as points.
John Webb
Dear Old Hornby have added an electric ramp uncoupler to their 2007 range, suitable for DCC. The setup seems similar in style to the new point motor (styled on an old point motor, which was attached directly to the side of the point)


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