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'Points and Aspects' - Voume 8 of the British Transport Films Collection

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The BFI apparently released this video in August. The contents are given as:

'Points and Aspects' covers a variety of topics and illustrates the wide range of subjects the BTF Unit covered during its years of production. Training Films are represented by such films as Single Line Working and Day to Day Track Maintenance, travel is highlighted by Channel Islands and Scotland for Sport, and illustrations of technical achievement well-served by such titles as The Long Night Haul, Under the Wires and the namesake of this collection, Points and Aspects.

Disc 1:
*Single Line Working
*Day to Day Track Maintenance Pt 1
*Day to Day Track Maintenance Pt 2
*The Signal Engineers
****** and Span

Disc 2:
*The Long Night Haul
*Care of St Christopher
*Measured for Transport
*Channel Islands
*Under the Wires
*Points and Aspects
*Scotland for Sport

Sounds an interesting mix with clearly a concentration on railways that several previous volumes lacked.

I shall be ordering my copy as soon as possible.

John Webb
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Thanks for "Heads Up" on that John

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FWIW, has this DVD for GBP 13.05 + free shipping in the UK.
I was charged a quid for postage to Canada.

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