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OK Hornby points are all insul frog, so unlike electro frog there is not a switch in polarity, as such the power follows the way the points are switched, this is a problem for electros but you should not have these issues. The second version is more trouble so back to the first effort. Which way round you wire them does not make a difference until the power meets at the right 8073. I assume you have the feed say red on the upper rails and the black on the other one, and that these are not reversed between the two sides, I use coloured format here, I also put the power to the rails using Peco fishplates with wires attached, I just have this feeling that you have mixed them up somehow? so when you put the power from one to the other you get a short, in the olden days the circuit breaker would pop these days it simply stops working. The Peco rails are the same profile as the Hornby (Peco code 100) so are interchangeable.

So for the throat Red. you may have. Red
Black Black
Red Black
Black Red
1 - 2 of 2 Posts