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Points failure on crossovers outside station.

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Hello all,
I have been working on my 00 gauge (4mm) end to end layout with a Penzance station style terminus but with a twist.

However, I have been testing out all of my trains over the crossovers as seen in the image below to ensure it works. There is no fault with Hornby R8072 on the crossovers but for unknown reasons (and the reason why I thought I'd ask for advice on how to solve the problem), the Hornby R8073 right hand points on the crossovers (as noted by Faults) seem to fail each time you drive a train from one side of the track to the other.
I am able to work the left hand R8072 points on the crossovers itself but the R8073 ones seem to fail, especially as the layout is worked left hand running which means no train can access the southern platforms at all without pushing the loco across the points or turning the other controller on without causing an overload safety cutout.

Is there any solutions to this problem? I would like to get the crossovers in shape, albeit either by a scissors crossover (involving the same points but with curves and a right hand Hornby R615 diamond crossover) or another solution if possible.

I also bought some new sets of Hornby points to rectify the points failure but these have not worked either so am considering whether power supply is the main issue.

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Hi Is the power tracks indicated the only power input if so try putting some on the tracks on the left of the picture preceding the crossover as well. Jim PS. Welcome
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This is all Hornby setrack i am unfamiliar with set up re- Hornby points i'm using Peco code 75 electrofrog points . You will find that most modellers will feed each individual rail not relying on rail joiners for power feeding . Have you just moved the power supply rather than add another where you had it previously can you reconnect the power so that you have in both places. I think the power needs to be fed at the toe end of the points if you only have one power clip try a bare wires to the rail were the clip fits in insuring it has a good contact with the rails and not each other . This only a temporary measure just to see if it a feed problem and not a faulty point. I am no expert but it is worth a try .
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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