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"Horton's Guide to Britain's Railways in Feature Films" comments that there are a number of railway scenes in Charlotte Gray: '...none of which sadly feature WW2 traction...'.

The film starts with K2 2-6-0 62005 crossing Glenfinnan viaduct. The rest of the film is shot on the Bluebell railway except for the aftermath of the 'big bang' donewith mockups at Chertsy.

Brian's comment about a Landrover in a WW2 film is a reference to near the end of 'Ice Cold in Alex' when as the German officer is taken off under escort a Series 1 Landrover is visible parked near the building they are leaving.

Both Horton's book and its precursor 'Railways on the Screen' by the late John Huntley both list many examples of inappropriate locos and rolling stock appearing in films.

John Webb
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