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A lot of us at Model Rail Forum use mail order.

From 21st August virtually all OO gauge model railway items will be classified as "small packets" from a postal viewpoint as there are very few items that are less than 25mm thick.

This significantly increases the cost of shipping lightweight packages and it could make it very costly to purchase single lightweight items from mail order companies who charge shipping at cost. Anything less than 300g in weight seems to be at a serious disadvantage.

I suspect most of us purchase more than one item at a time anyway to take advantage of set shipping rates charged by mail order retailers but some of us may use online retailers for single wagons or accessories who charge actual shipping rates which up until now may well have been around £1 or so. This could now double to £2 under the new pricing regime.

N gauge modellers who buy mail order now have a serious advantage as their parcels should be classified as large letters if packaged right and their shipping charges should definitely come down as a result.

To be blunt I am a touch upset by these changes as it is now simply unecomic to buy a single item of rolling stock or an accessory mail order unless it is of highish value and the saving to be had is significant.

Its not that good a move by the Post Office for the model railway fraternity.

I wonder how this will affect shipping rates charged on you know where?

Happy modelling
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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