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Power Bus system

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I am confused regarding the Bus systems people use. I have looked at a few other threads and its confused me more.

Anyway. if I explain what I think a bus system is then could anybody enlighten me as to weather or not I am correct?.........

Basically cable running every couple of metres soldered to the edge of each rail and constantly going around the track, starting from track source? I did a search on the net for bus kits and one DCC kit I saw involved crimps and all sorts of stuff, not what I expected.

(wires in photo not soldered to track - just placed for photo reference)

The wire I am using is the same specification that comes with DCC sets. I have stripped the ends of the cable to approx 10mm and tinned them to stop them spraying out.

Any help will be greatfully appreciated.
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right I get it now. so basically (for example single oval), 2 wires go under the track under the base board, with 2 cables connected to the rails going through the base boards to connect to the 2 cables running beneth the boards?

Please excuse my poor illustration.

2 BOLD BLACK Lines is a single track.
Red lines "Droppers"
Blue and Green lines are the bus wires for each rail.

Am I correct?? If yes, I understand with thanks for all your help people...

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Thanks Brian, will keep that in mind.
I have bought Virgin Trains Pendolino train set. I took the cable which came with the set from controller to track into work to see if they can get a compatable cable going by the printed specification. Is this cable suitable for a large bus system, as my plans are to create a layout going around the whole loft. I would appreciate any help in cable spec, as a reel of cable compatable to that of Hornbys cable costs £29 for a reel of 500metres, so need 2 reels so wont want spend £58 on cable which is totally incorrect to what I actually need.

Also what sort of intavles to I need between each dropper? 1.5m?

Many thanks
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